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While we don't like to brag, we thought you may want to get a feel for what it's like to come to Chabad before you come to Chabad. So we are opening up our inbox for your perusal. Here's what students are saying about us:

  • Whoever I am on any particular Friday, I can come to Chabad and find acceptance, a conversation, someone else who thinks, acts and feels similarly to the way I do or did at some point in my life.  Living in America, my Judaism is sometimes shadowed by a secular environment, but when I go to Chabad, I am what I am without exception. A.W.
  • Hey there! Let me just start by saying how much I enjoyed Friday night with the both of you. It was so relaxing and chill and just good food with good friends. It felt great. I waited way too long to make my way over to your place and I'm glad I finally did because I felt so welcome and comfortable. So you will definitely be seeing more of me! J. L.
  • I hope you have an amazing summer. Ill miss you and your family so much! Thanks for a wonderful year. You and Elie are a vital asset to the jewish community at UW. : ) L. L.

  • I wanted to thank you for the hospitality shown by you and your wife. It is an unfortunate truth of my experience that sincerity in those of faith, especially the leaders, can be a rarity. I see not only sincerity, but a deep commitment to continue something despite many hurdles. Regardless of the specific elements, morality and a moral social center is as important as academic studies during the period of development contained within the college years. It is gratifying to see a young couple committed to such things. S. P.

  • Thank you for your constant assistance, and patience with answering my endless questions. D. B.
  • hEY - you know you guys are like the older sibs i never had.
    thanks for always being there for me! looking forward to friday as always, L. R.
  • Hey Chaya! I had so much fun learning with you as well and I look forward to continuing. Thank you sooooooooooooo much! L. L.

  • I just wanted to say...Shanah Tovah and Chag Sameach one last are a wonderful person and a true gift for us on campus here.  I hope you and Chaya realize just how much you mean to many of us and how important your role is in inspiring us to act Jewishly on a daily basis.  Thank you! Y. A.
  • Dear Rabbi Estrin:

    I appreciate everything that you and your wife do for all of the students and faculty, and community at the University of Washington.  
    Thank YOU! Dr. S. D.
  • this will be the third friday i cant make shabbat at your house cause i'll be away this weekend...i'm very upset about it (and will really miss chaya's cooking) :( K. P.
  • Dear Elie,

    I am very thankful to have such understanding and wonderful friends in you and Chaya. Happy Turkey-day and shabbat shalom! M.B.
  • Just wanted to thank you again for having me last weekend. It was a highly enjoyable shabbas, and its nice to know that where ever a Jew may find himself, there is always a place for shabbas! thanks again, D. R.

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