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Visiting Seattle

Visiting Seattle



Are You Visiting Seattle?

Many people call us for information regarding an overnight or weekend stay in Seattle. Here are some links and information that you may find helpful with regards to a short or long stay in Seattle.

Kashrut Information: For all stores that carry Kosher food, and all Kosher restaraunts and establishments, go to the Seattle Beit Din's website:

Hotels near the University of Washington:

Note: "The Deca" is the nicest hotel in the area. "The Silver Cloud" is the closest to Chabad House (1/2 mile) and Shaarei Tefillah 1.5 miles).

Shabbat near the University of Washington:

There are two options for Shabbat morning. There is a small Chabad House shul right off of campus, located at 4541 19th Ave NE. Shabbat day services start at 10:00 am, followed by a Kiddush at aprox 1PM. Mincha follows the Kiddush during the winter. Sharei Tefillah, a vibrant community oriented shul is also in the area, located at 6250 43rd Ave NE. Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday night is at candle lighting time, Shacharit starts at 9:30AM, including a children's program, and kiddush. Mincha/Maariv is later in the day, around shkiah.

Shabbat in Downtown: If you are staying in downtown Seattle, there are Orthodox services held in the Council House retirement home. For information, click here: Please check before booking hotels, as the minyan is no longer held on a weekly basis.

Daily Minyanim in the area: There is a daily minyan for Shacharit, Mincha and Maariv at Cong. Shaarei Tefillah, 6250 43rd Ave. NE, on the corner of 65th and 43rd. For a full listing of minyan times, visit There are also numerous minyanim in the Seward Park area. And if you have any questions, call the Chabad House at 206-527-1411 or Chabad UW 206-523-1359.


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