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Chabad at University of Washington is here to provide you with all your Jewish needs. With a wide plethora of programming, classes and opportunities, Chabad at UW aims to give YOU the tools to enhance YOUR Jewish experience on campus, as well as strengthen you as a Jew. It's all about you and your Jewish journey.

Acceptance of every Jew, regardless of their level of religious commitment or practice, has become a trademark of Chabad. Blending traditional values with modern day techniques, fun programs, and genuine love and care, we have been successful in reaching thousands of students, helping them to appreciate their roots, proudly identify with their Judaism, and have a more enriching college experience.

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Chabad seeks to be a “home away from home” for Jewish students on campus, offering social, educational and spiritual programs. Through a diverse calendar of programs, we aim to give students the tools to learn, explore and experience Judaism in a intellectually stimulating, accepting and loving environment. Our organization is founded on the principals of Ahavat Yisroel - love and acceptance of each Jew.

A Home Away From Home



















At the core of Chabad’s success lies our complete dedication to the holistic wellbeing of each individual student. The Chabad House is a ‘home away from home’ for every Jewish student. Rabbi Elie and Chaya Estrin consider each student to be a part of their own family. In a world of numbers and statistics, Chabad is a truly unique treasure offering students emotional security, moral comfort, spiritual growth and personal guidance.



















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